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Nutrition, Physiology and Lifestyle Optimisation

Gain the clarity, strategies and accountability to achieve high performance.

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Dr Richie Barclay

About Me

Nutritionist, exercise physiologist & lifestyle expert

13+ Years experience

Trusted by and works with UK leading brands (inc. the prestigious Kx Members Club, Ten Health & Fitness, Rowbots, Myoset & Dabbs Fitness)

Ph.D. and many accreditations (SENr, BDA & ISAK)

Expert in diabetes, gut health, performance nutrition, weight management and older adults

Supportive, encouraging and motivating

Practical and simplifies the science

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Trusted by

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How I Can Help You

Confused with what you should be eating to improve the way you look, perform and/or feel?

Let me help to provide clarity on what you should do day to day to see a significant improvement. Trusted by some of London’s most exclusive brands, and published in high impact scientific journals, I work with you 1-1 to provide the right plan, for you, personalised to your lifestyle. I provide you with a hyper personalised strategy to achieve your goals, paired with unlimited 1-1 support to ensure you succeed.

Standard Package

4 weeks

1hr Consultation

Personalised plan to achieve your goals

Supplement strategy

Lifestyle strategy

Exercise strategy

1hr meeting 3 weeks into plan to evolve plan and embed new behaviours

Premium Package

  Most Popular  

12 weeks

1hr Initial Consultation

Body Composition Analysis

Bi-weekly consultation to review progress and evolve plan

Personalised plan housed in our app

Recipes aligned to your challenge

Supplement strategy

Lifestyle strategy

Exercise plan

VIP Package

12 weeks

1.5hr Initial consultation

2x DEXA scans (pre and post)

2x Blood tests (pre and post)

Metabolic testing and report

Weekly consultation to review progress and evolve plan

Personalised plan housed in our app

Recipes aligned to your challenge

Unlimited contact with Dr Richie Barclay

Supplement strategy

Lifestyle strategy

Exercise plan

Want To Expedite Your Results?

Using scientific testing, I can delve deeper into your metabolism, body composition and blood biomarkers to create the most scientifically driven plan to maximise your results.


Metabolic Testing

  • Resting metabolic rate & substrate utilisation

  • Lactate threshold & V02max

  • Supports wider nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategy

Brain Scan

DEXA Scanning

  • Gold standard measurement of muscle and fat mass

  • 30minute appointment in Harley Street

  • Supports wider nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategy

Examining Blood Sample

Blood Testing

  • Measurement of specified blood biomarkers aligned to your challenge

  • Detailed report to explain results

  • Supports wider nutrition, exercise and lifestyle strategy

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Client Results

  • How much does it cost to see a nutritionist in London?
    My prices vary depending on your challenge, and I have different packages available to suit your needs. Prices start from £149.
  • How will you help me reach my goal?
    I will work with you to fully understand your challenge, preferences, lifestyle and motivation for change. Then, using this information, I devise a strategic plan, paired with a meal plan implemented via my app, paired with regular communication (bi-weekly calls, regular text messages and emails) to support you with implementing the plan. Each time we meet, we will amend the plan to keep your diet varied and support you with long term behavior change, beyond working with me.
  • Why is blood and metabolic testing useful?
    By measuring your physiology I can target specific areas of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to expedite your results so that you reach your goal quicker, whilst improving your health along the way.
  • Why are you different to other Nutritionists in London?
    I have over 13 years of experience as a nutritionist, physiologist and lifestyle specialist, and I am extremely qualified to support you with change. I studied for over 10 years, earning 3 degrees, one of which a PhD. I am trusted by some of London's leading brands, such as the prestigious Kx members club in Chelsea, Dabbs Fitness Mayfair, Myoset, Ten Health and have been accepted into the prestigious UNTIL community.
  • What is your onboarding process?
    Before initiating work with any client, we have a free, no commitment discovery call where we discuss your challenge, needs and goals, and to ensure we are the right fit for eachother. I look for people who are motivated to change and are commited to the process due to limited spaces each month. Then, I ask clients to complete a three day food diary which is analysed using specialist software, before filling out a pre-consultation questionnaire.
  • What happens after our consultation?
    Once we meet, I will then reflect and think about how to achieve maximum results, hyper-personalised to you. Then, I create a strategic plan, and meal plan (housed in my app) which is aligned to your preferences, goals, lifestyle and goals. Free of charge, we then have a call to talk through your plan to ensure you are fully aligned on what needs to be done (changes can be made at this stage if you are unsure on any meals). We then speak bi-weekly either F2F or virtually to support implementation, track progress and ensure the plan is working. The plan is amended every time we meet to ensure you have variety in your diet.
  • Who do you work with?
    I work with a range of individuals, from celebrities, elite athletes, CEOs and the general population. I have a range of expertise from performance nutrition, weight management, gut health, aging, diabetes, energy levels, auto-immune disease and health related conditions. Get in touch to find out more!
  • Can a nutritionist help you lose weight?
    Yes. Nutrition is 100% of your day whilst exercise is just a small fraction. The foods you eat are the key to creating a sustainable weight loss programme. I go beyond the calorie, because calories in vs calories out is now old news according to the science. I will help you to create a nutritional strategy which you enjoy, and gets results!
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