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How it Works

My way of working has been honed through 10+ years of experience of nutrition consultancy. My method provides long term behaviour change by providing you with a dietary strategy which is realistic and enjoyable paired with my ongoing support to maximise motivation. 


Onboarding & Pre Consultation Analysis

Once you have booked in to see me at one of our three Central London sites, I will request a three day food diary from you. Then, I analyse your food diary using specialist software which enables us to understand your baseline nutrition, which includes macro and micronutrient levels. 


In-Depth Consultation & Measurements

During our 1hr consultation, we will cover all aspects of health, including body composition measurement, nutrition, sleep, exercise, work, home life and stress. All factors contribute towards improving your symptoms, and it is key for me to understand these to create a robust, realistic plan which you can easily stick to. During the meeting, I will provide you with high-level details of what I think needs to change, and how you should change it. Lastly, I always measure body composition (weight & body fat), which I include in your follow-up report. 


Personalised Plan Within Our App

You will be provided with access to our app which includes your personalised nutrition strategy to set you up for success. You will be able to track your progress for your diet, exercise and water, whilst communicating with me to ensure you are fully supported on your journey.


Ongoing Support and/or Regular Appointments

You will meet with me every two weeks, either virtually or face to face, to review your progress and continually build upon the hard work we are both putting in to improve your nutrition. 

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