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I have expertise in all areas of well-being, nutrition, metabolism, performance, and exercise physiology.

On the Scales

Performance Nutrition & Weight Management

I help recreational and elite athletes optimise their nutrition and lifestyle to improve performance and body composition. I have helped 1000s of recreational athletes, and 100s of elite athletes take actionable steps towards their chosen goal. We will work together to optimise your daily nutrition, based on key moments throughout your day, to ensure you are getting the most out of your training. Get in touch now by clicking the link below to find out how I can help you improve! 

Gut Health & General Well-Being

Whether you need to improve your health and energy or manage symptoms of a health condition through the power of nutrition, I can help. I can work with you to make both simple and effective changes to your diet to create a quick and lasting impact. Everything is based on the latest science, which means you get results. I consider your preferences and execute a plan to ensure you see a tangible improvement.

Practicing Yoga
Fruit and Granola

Diabetes Management

Nutrition has a significant role in the prevention, reversal, and management of your pre-diabetes or diabetes. My Ph.D. was in diabetes and ageing, and the impact of nutrition on insulin signalling. I have worked with 100s of clients to optimise their nutrition to support diabetes management, and due to my experience and expertise, I am the trusted consultant to help people improve their diabetes management. Get in touch now by clicking the link below to find out how I can help you improve! 

Older Adult Nutrition

Nutrition has a significant role in how the human body ages. My Ph.D. was in human ageing, and therefore I am the trusted expert consultant for many people who are seeking to understand how to slow ageing, and prevent and manage symptoms associated with age. I will work with you to develop an easy to implement, personalised plan which has real results, quickly. Get in touch now by clicking the link below to find out how I can help you improve! 

Aerial Yoga with Teacher

Exercise Physiology Testing

Using a state-of-the-art Cortex Metalyser, I offer a range of exercise physiology services to optimise your performance or understand the optimal intensity for you to metabolise the most amount of body fat. I offer substrate utilisation, V02MAX, and lactate threshold tests. You'll receive a detailed report which includes your data for the tests and our practical recommendations for optimising your training, exercise or body fat loss regime. 

Personalised Blood Testing, Analysis & Recommendations

As part of my full service offering, I am able to recommend the right blood test for you to help diagnose your problem, regularly test to measure changes in our nutritional intervention, and inform strategic decisions to ensure you are getting the most out of working with me. I believe data is king, and by measuring levels of molecules and hormones, I can provide you with a plan which will work. 


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